Friday, January 25, 2008

Ready or Not

Today's the day we leave for Honduras. It's exciting, but also there is an unknown. The malaria meds make one a little woozy, but hopefully everyone will be clear-headed by the time we land in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. Thanks to all for your prayers and support. We hope our time there is a blessing both to St. Stephens as well as the people of Honduras. We hope to post notes daily if you have the chance to follow our journey.
peace in Christ,
Fr. Ed

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St Stephen the Martyr Community said...

I've rec'd some comments from the folks in Honduras, they are having a hard time posting anything to the blog, I'm going to copy and past what I've rec'd so far, hopefully we'll get them up and running soon. Peace to all and God Bless all of you! Cindy Mortimer
We are doing great, we went shopping and to a town vallle de los angeles a pretty little town we cannot get into the blog to post messages.
can you let us know how to do it.
tomorrow we are going to Flor azul to see the kids, the boys orphanage.
karen and gustavo the people that runs the boys camp gave us a talk, and to tell you the truth I was very emotional, see you Grace
about ten of us went running this mornig up the mountain to the aids compound for kids. then to the valley of angels and through a little town of san franscisco. dirt road and incredible drivers--very fast. food is good and we are off to the boys ranch tomorrow to take several duffles of stuff. hope you are doing well and i miss you all. all is well and the travel was like clock work. the group of 50 can really work and the duffels are empty and seperated into piles. will try to connect tomorrow and see if we can blog. great day. sunburned. saw the boys orphanage and then packed meds and supplies. you would not believe the room is so full of supplies. we leave early in the morning for the brigade about 40 minutes away. 400 people scheduled to come and then 700 the next day. here we go. we are tired today from all the things we diid. layed bricks packed meds, toothpaset and toothbrushes. tell linda graber this group can move. out of the airport in about 90 minutes. here the truck unloaded in 15 minutes. 100 dufflel bags. amazing group. when they say be ready we go and things move like clock work.
That's all for now, I'll work on getting them up and running.